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SMART criteria Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

SMART criteria - Essay Example The motion detectors shall be installed to sense whenever there seems to be activity in the room. This will avoid instances of switching on light in an empty room. Whenever there is motion in the room the switching system shall be in standby mode. Light detectors shall then be engaged when the level of light reduces which shall turn the lights on. Motion detectors shall be the primary switching control to put the switching system on standby mode. The motion detector shall be installed by using laser technology to enable sensory of even the smallest movements within a room (Fraden, 267). The light detectors will be the secondary switching level turning on the lights when low levels of light are detected in the occupied room. Measurability The progress of the project shall be based on the set timetable for the plan. Each step in the installation of the switching system shall be analyzed before going forward to the next step. The first step has been laid down as wiring the house. This w ill be done to ensure the circuit is well placed and in the desirable manner. This step is expected to consume the most time as it involves a lot of physical work. The goals of the plan shall be measured against the time laid down for the expected progress. The installation of the circuit should adhere to the installation standards (Linsley, 144). These include the wiring safety codes and the color codes used internationally. Other national standards shall also be applied in measuring the suitability of the installation of the systems. Comparing the setting of the switching system with the set standards shall provide a platform for measuring the conformity to standards. This will ensure that the end product not only works perfectly, but is also safe and conforms to set standards. Attainability The need to install the switching system arises from the desire to switch off unnecessary light. The aim of installing this new system will be to ensuring regulation in the amount of wasted en ergy. Providing a proper control to the usage of light shall immensely reduce the costs incurred from energy related bills. Evidence exists to show that this method can be able to save up to 25% of the energy consumption, reducing energy costs by a similar margin (Klaus D. John, 97). This regulation will occur by providing a system that allows for usage of light only when necessary. The number of lights left on overnight shall also be minimized by using this system. If an individual leaves a room without switching the lights off, the timer shall automatically switch the lights off. This occurs after motion detectors fail to detect any activity in the room. Excess lighting in the rooms shall also be reduced by the light sensors as they control the amount of light allowed into a room at any time. Realistic The proposed system provides an avenue for saving a lot of energy costs. This shall translate into reduced energy bills for the house. The installation of this system is viable as a way of relieving the owners of the house from the high costs of electricity and lighting. Achievement of this shall be through efficient management of the lighting by using switching system that is automated (Reed, 245). The system continues to be employed in many establishments like hotels, and desirable outcomes have been realized. If the same system is utilized within the scope of this house, similar results can also be realized. This lighting system can immensely reduce the time taken by people moving round to switch lights in places

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Defining Race and Ethnicity Essay Example for Free

Defining Race and Ethnicity Essay Whether this definition is accurate or not, this is what the terms â€Å"race† and â€Å"ethnicity† mean to me: Race is a term that describes a group of people with similar descent. I believe race is determined physical specifications such as color, language, eye shape, or even things such as blood types. Human beings as a whole are described as the â€Å"human race;† I believe this to be an accurate definition as human beings (despite color, language, or any other physical characteristics) are all the same. Genetically speaking, we are all made up of the same â€Å"parts.† The term â€Å"race† is an all-encompassing statement used to define a large group, overall. Ethnicity defines the background of a particular person or thing. This term encompasses many backgrounds and associations. Foods can be â€Å"ethnic† if they originate or are commonly consumed in a specific country or region. The same applies to human beings. One’s ethnicity may be determined by his or her birthplace, religion, of beliefs. Ethnicity does not define physical characteristics, but rather backgrounds and traits. The United States is a melting pot. This country is made up of thousands and thousands of different people from different places. The USA is home to many ethnic backgrounds; however, the population (in my opinion) is a single â€Å"race.† We are all humans, as I have previously stated. Although our ethnic backgrounds may differ in many different ways, all in all, we are one race. This is important to bear in mind. Heritage should always be recognized, as it typically is in the United States. But acknowledging the vast backgrounds that exist in this country is the most important concept of all.

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Graduation Speech -- Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Dreams. The dictionary's definition of a dream is "To have great ambition or to really hope for something". Well, I say make those ambitions a reality and hope active. Robert Ballards Lifelong dream was to find the Titanic. For 13 years the dream of finding her dominated his life. In 1985 his 13 year quest ended when he discovered the muddy hulk of the H.M.S. Titanic. What is your quest? Do you have a "lifelong dream"? Is there anything :dominating your life" enough to hold your attention for 13 years? Without a dream, life is quickly reduced to bleak black and wimpy white, a diet too bland to get anybody out of bed in the morning. Dreams fuel our fire. The shortest route to ineffectiveness is to start running scared, think about every possible peril, take on chances, expect the wo...

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Logistics department Essay

1. What interactions and discussion need to take place among the marketing, manufacturing, logistics, and finance departments? Explain the logistics department`s role in the introduction of the new product. The functional areas of marketing, logistics, manufacturing and finance should hold weekly sales and operations planning (S&OP) meetings to address the following: Identify firm planned orders which may be delayed to the customer. Notify key account managers and focused operations planning team(s) to expedite orders in jeopardy Address any resource constraints to meet firm planned orders for the current month and planned orders for the following three months (manufacturing capacity, labor) The focused operations planning team(s) which consists of production, procurement, manufacturing and master production scheduling (logistics) must meet daily to ensure the requirements identified in the S&OP meeting are carried out. Logistics ensures the following: – ensure that raw material inputs to peanuts arrive on time without freight damage – ensure that finished goods inventory from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse, distribution center and eventually the customer arrive on time- in full without freight damage – minimize transportation costs by utilizing full truck load (FTL shipments) and in certain instances, intermodal (rail) shipments for cross country transport 2. Why is it necessary for the logistics department to be cognizant of all the details (quality, timing) of the new product introduction? Discuss the issues that might arise (e.g. the drop in demand after the Final Four) and what responsibilities the logistics department would have as a result of these changes. This necessity comes out of the need to have the right quantity at the right time in the right place to meet customer demand. Without this close  coordination between timing and quantity, deliveries would be delayed, inventory carrying costs would increase and as a result profits would be negatively impacted. In situations where the demand drops after the Final Four, the production planning and scheduling aspect comes into play. By utilizing a master production schedule which is closely aligned with S&OP meetings, the master production scheduler can adjust the production amounts to meet decreasing demand. This ensures that product produced is delivered to the customer and does not sit in the warehouse of Pete’s. To summarize, the logistics department is responsible for reacting to market/demand changes to maintain profit margins for the business.

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Summary Of The Great Gatsby By F. Salinger - 904 Words

J.D. Salinger Jerome David Salinger, one of the most influential authors to arise after World War II, was born on January 1, 1919 in New York City. Little is known about his early life except for his education. He attended schools on the upper west side of Manhattan, which would later be the setting of his most famous novel, The Catcher in the Rye. After flunking out of several prep schools, including McBurney’s, his parents sent him to Valley Forge Military Academy. At Valley Forge he maintained average grades and was involved in several clubs and organizations, many of which had to deal with dramatics. Also, during his senior year, he edited the Academy yearbook. He did briefly attend multiple colleges, one of which was Columbia†¦show more content†¦After the war ended, America was rejoicing in economic and political success, which gave way to severe materialism and conservatism. People reverted back to traditional values and morals, and the individual began to less en in social value, as â€Å"blending in† became the norm. Also, beginning at this time was the Cold War, and its aura of despair and paranoia. The term Cold War Concern describes America’s growing worries about their safety and the effectiveness of their education system. Publication of The Catcher, a novel about a socially awkward 16 year old boy who quits school and goes on a three day adventure of self-discovery involving sex, drinking, and cuss words, in 1951 could not have met a more unaccepting audience. Holden’s anti-establishment and crass attitude was directly opposed to the values that had developed in America. In addition, the baby boom generation was growing up, and developing a rebellious attitude that mirrored that of Holden Caulfield. Conservative parents everywhere were shocked and repulsed, and the book was made subject of several censorship campaigns. Salinger became a star in what became known as the post-modernist period in art. Almost all of Salinger’s works portray a few crucial central elements and themes. One of the most prominent is that of the main character being on a spiritual journey in a world of disgusting

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Introduction to Evergreen Bagworm Moths

If you are unfamiliar with bagworm, you might never notice it on the evergreens in your yard. Cleverly disguised in their bags made from the foliage of the host tree, Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis larvae feed on cedars, arborvitae, junipers, and other favorite landscape trees. Description Despite its nickname, Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis is not a worm, but a moth. The bagworm lives its entire life cycle inside the safety of its bag, which it constructs with silk and interwoven bits of foliage. The larval form appears worm-like, hence the name bagworm. Identifying bagworm in the landscape requires a good eye capable of recognizing their excellent camouflage. Because bagworm usually infests evergreen trees, the brown bags may be overlooked at first, appearing like seed cones. Look for suspicious cone-shaped bundles of dried brown foliage, up to 2 inches long, that match the trees needles or leaves. Only the adult male moth leaves the protection of its bag when ready to mate. The moth is black, with clear wings that span roughly an inch across. Classification Kingdom - Animalia Phylum - Arthropoda Class – Insecta Order – Lepidoptera Family - Psychidae Genus - Thyridopteryx Species - ephemeraeformis Bagworm Diet Bagworm larvae feed on the foliage of both evergreen and deciduous trees, especially these favorite host plants: cedar, arborvitae, juniper, and false cypress. In the absence of these preferred hosts, bagworm will eat the foliage of just about any tree: fir, spruce, pine, hemlock, sweetgum, sycamore, honey locust, and black locust. Adult moths do not feed, living just long enough to mate. Life Cycle Bagworm, like all moths, undergoes complete metamorphosis with four stages. Egg:Â  In late summer and fall, the female lays up to 1,000 eggs in her case. She then leaves her bag and drops to the ground; the eggs overwinter.Larva:Â  In late spring, larvae hatch and disperse on silken threads. They immediately begin feeding and constructing their own bags. As they grow, the larvae enlarge their bags by adding more foliage. They stay within the safety of their bags, sticking their heads out to feed and carrying the bags from branch to branch. Frass falls out of the bottom end of the cone-shaped bag through an opening. Pupa:Â  When the larvae reach maturity in late summer and prepare to pupate, they attach their bags to the underside of a branch. The bag is sealed shut, and the larvae turn to head down inside the bag. The pupal stage lasts four weeks.Adult:Â  In September, adults emerge from their pupal cases. Males leave their bags to fly in search of mates. Females have no wings, legs, or mouthparts, and remain within their bags. Special Adaptations and Defenses The bagworms best defense is its camouflage bag, worn throughout its life cycle. The bag allows otherwise vulnerable larvae to move freely from place to place. Female moths, though confined to their bags, attract mates by releasing strong sex pheromones. Males leave their bags to find partners when they sense the chemical alert from females. Habitat Bagworms live anywhere suitable host plants are available, especially forests or landscapes with cedar, juniper, or arborvitae. In the U.S., bagworms range from Massachusetts south to Florida, and west to Texas and Nebraska. This pest is native to North America.

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Citizen Journalism Protects Human Rights - 886 Words

CITIZEN JOURNALISM PROTECTS HUMAN RIGHTS Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak could have never imagined the Pandora’s Box they were unleashing on the world with their invention of the personal computer, â€Å"PC†, in 1976. With the emergence of the internet in 1989, the PC quickly evolved from a data processor and game console, to a communication device. It has only been within the last decade that it has also developed into a social media device. User participation on sites like Facebook and Twitter have exploded. Fueling this technical evolution are a plethora of digital devices specifically designed to work cohesively with all that the internet has to offer. These devices have gotten smaller, portable and even more user friendly. The power of the PC now fits in the palm of your hand. The Smartphone, not only has replaced the PC for a lot of consumers, but the camera, the video camera, the voice recorder, and the department store as well. More prevalent through these innovations is now the ability for the average c itizen to capture and share, instantaneously, events that typically would only been made available through the evening news. These events make their way through social media to the masses. These video clips, photographs and commentary, incite powerful emotion, especially when exposing human rights violations. Citizen Journalism protect Human rights through exposure of inequities. This inspires the public to stand up for one another. Social media generates CitizenShow MoreRelatedProblems with Ethiopia’s Unofficial Cyber Espionage Essay1038 Words   |  5 PagesInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Article 19 Freedom of Expression. The purpose of this paper will address problems with Ethiopia’s unofficial cyber espionage and evaluate the effects this has on journalist Article 19 freedom of expression is violated. Ethiopia’s Anti-Terrorism Proclamation are explained along with The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which includes Article 19 and how both are used in journalism. The Ethiopian Constitution will show that theRead MoreThe Regulation Of Freedom Of Speech1256 Words   |  6 Pageslimit. According to Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadians are free to think their own thoughts, speak their own minds, to gather peacefully into groups and to associate with whomever they wish, as long as they do not infringe valid regulations which protect the right and interests of others (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, 1982). In a democratic society, the freedom of speech should be properly regulated to prevent yellow journalism, to protect sensitive state secrets from abuse andRead MoreThe Freedom Of Speech : Yellow Journalism1088 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadians are free to think their own thoughts, speak their own minds, to gather peacefully into groups and to associate with whomever they wish, as long as they do not infringe valid regulations which protect the right and interests of others (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, 1982). Therefore, in a democratic society, the freedom of speech should be properly regulated to prevent yellow journalism, to protect sensitive state secrets from abuseRead MoreA Case study on the role of Internet Intermediates in Internet Freedom of Expression1195 Words   |  5 Pagesprocess of Internet (OECD, 2011). It is indubitable that Internet intermediaries play an essential role in the free flow of information vie Internet, because those platforms enables users to access, share and create information which implicate the right of freedom of expression. Und er the economic motivations, policy principles for Internet intermediary platforms are not just take account of expression of freedom on the Internet, which also be influenced by related laws and local police. In generalRead MoreThe Public Sphere : An Encyclopedia Article Essay1683 Words   |  7 PagesThe concept ‘public sphere’ is used to signify a realm of rational public discourse and debate; a realm that directly corresponds to democracy where all citizens have the agency to participate in discussions about issues of common concern. In The Public Sphere: An Encyclopedia Article Jà ¼rgen Habermas defines the public sphere as an equally accessible realm of social life where public opinion can be formed (Habermas 102). Despite Habermas idealized notion of the public sphere, Professor Smith-FullertonRead MoreMedia s Impact On Society1098 Words   |  5 Pagesthird edition of Inside Reporting, â€Å"In Caesar’s age, Romans read newspapers handwritten by slave s. Wandering minstrels spread news (and the plague) in the Middle Ages† (Harrower 8). â€Å"The history of newspapers is an often-dramatic chapter of the human experience back some five centuries† (Barber 2015). Notably, the first newspaper printed in America was entitled â€Å"Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick,† by Benjamin Harris. Harris ran a bookstore where he produced the first and only issueRead MoreVenezuelan Media Censorship Essay1375 Words   |  6 PagesMedia censorship destroys the necessary objective journalism of a country and disturbs the freedom of expression of all citizens as well as the democracy of the country itself. There are many countries in the world whose governments impose such censorship in order to prevent information contrary to their beliefs to be known. The question is: how far would a government go to silence so many voices? Venezuela should be a democratic country with freedom of expression as its constitution states. TheRead MoreFake News Propaganda Against Marc Anthony1464 Words   |  6 PagesFake news is a current buzz phrase, a term that is fashionable in popular culture to describe the field of journalism today. Underpinned by neg ative connotations and widespread misunderstanding of the term’s meaning, the fake news of today is the so-called yellow journalism of yesterday (U.S. Diplomacy, n.d.). Yellow journalism, or a type of reporting that prioritizes sensationalism over facts, has been circulating in one form or another since ancient times: in ancient Rome, Octavion won his famedRead MoreAl Jazeera and CNN1741 Words   |  7 Pagescontent, of Al Jazeera is very different than that of CNN. When first searching for Al Jazeera content their website, that is free of any outside advertising, is the first return that is discovered. The headlines at the top of the website consist of human rights issues and investigations, the common headline â€Å"entertainment†, that is present on almost every profit media conglomerate, is absent. Al Jazeera presents many programs that provide in depth analysis on controversial stories that provide a scopeRead MoreEssay Government Surveillance vs Privacy1442 Wor ds   |  6 PagesIs the American government trustworthy? Edward Joseph Snowden (2013) released to the United States press* selected information about the surveillance of ordinary citizens by the U.S.A.’s National Security Agency (N.S.A.), and its interconnection to phone and social media companies. The motion picture Citizenfour (2014), shows the original taping of those revelations. Snowden said that some people do nothing about this tracking because they have nothing to hide. He claims that this inverts the model